Thank you for visiting Bloomington Mask Drive.  Our masks are now available through community mask stations in and around Bloomington Indiana. We are no longer accepting direct requests for masks.

Mask Station #1

Patient PT: Community Mask Station #1 just outside the Patient PT clinic inside Executive Park North, on Bloomington's north side.

  • Where: Executive Park North
    • 2620 N Walnut Street, Bloomington IN 47404
    • Go inside the main entrance and proceed down the hallway to the right, and make a left at Olympus Properties
    • Detailed directions here.
  • When: 8 AM- 5 PM, Monday - Friday
  • What: Mask types A, B, & C
Map to Patient PT
Map to Patient PT
Mask Station #1: Patient PT
Mask Station #1: Patient PT

Mask Station #2

Mask Station #2: Endwright East
Mask Station #2: Endwright East
Green stars mark nearest entrances
Green stars mark nearest entrances

Endwright East: Area 10 Agency on Aging is sponsoring mask station #2, located inside College Mall at the entrance of the Endwright East Senior Center. Look for it in the former Payless Shoe Source right next to Macy's.

  • Where: College Mall, inside
    • 2894 E 3rd St, Bloomington, IN 47401
  • When: 7 Days a week during normal mall hours
    • Currently 11-7 Mon-Sat, 12-6 Sun
  • What: Mask Types A, B, & C

Mask Station #3

Comfort Keepers: Comfort Keepers Home Care Agency hosts community mask station #3, located just outside their front door!

  • Where: Comfort Keepers, outdoors (except in inclement weather, then just inside)
    • 4101 E 3rd st, Bloomington, Indiana 47401
  • When: Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM
  • What: Mask Types A, B, C, S, & W
    • New: Window & Special masks available here! 
    • How: Come inside during business hours and ask for either
      • Window (W) Masks: Include a clear vinyl window to allow lip-reading
      • Special (S) Masks: Made of high-filtration surgical drape, reserved for care givers and those sharing a household with a COVID-19 positive person only
    • You will be asked to provide your name or that of the person receiving the masks, and sign off to receive them. Limit two packets per person per day.
    • Why: These masks are in shorter supply due to the increased time to make them, fewer mask makers trained to make them, and additional materials costs. Please respect our honor system and do not use these masks for other-than-intended purposes.
2020-08-11 11.39.28
Blank Station: available in standard BMD Green or decorate your own, with standard signage provided

New Pickup Locations to be Announced Soon!

If you would like to partner with Bloomington Mask Drive to host a mask station of your own, please click here to learn more about Bloomington Mask Drive Partners & Friends.

Little Free Pantry:  Volunteers of Bloomington Mask Drive will continue to supply masks to Bloomington & Monroe County via select Little Free Pantry locations weekly.


  • View our current list of regularly-restocked pantries here.

Want to learn more about Bloomington Mask Drive? Visit our blog page!

Other Sources of Free Masks

  • Monroe County Public Health department announced it will begin providing face coverings to the public in support of the mandatory face covering requirement effective July 17, 2020. Information on how to obtain these masks is available here.
  • Bloomington Chamber of Commerce provides a low-cost option for local organizations to receive a limited number of disposable masks each week ($5 for 100 masks), and they also have locally made hand sanitizer. Information on this program is available here.