Direct Donations

Bloomington Mask Drive is a community effort by Patient PT and Bloomington Quilter's Guild. All donations are used to purchase materials used to either make or clean, package, and distribute masks. Any excesses go toward motivating and rewarding our hard-working volunteers. Tax deductible donations may be made via United Way (below). Retail value of each mask (all provided free of charge) ranges from $5-15.

    1. Make checks payable to: Bloomington Mask Drive
    2. Mail to:
    • Bloomington Mask Drive, c/o Patient PT
    • 2620 N Walnut St
    • Suite 600
      • Bloomington, IN 47404

Would you rather buy us some stuff we'll use? Here is an Amazon Wish List, regularly updated by Nola, Kelly, and all the volunteers who keep us going. Some of it is necessities, some of it is just for fun!

Tax Deductible Donations

If you would like to ensure that your donation is tax deductible, you may send us a donation via our fiscal agent, the United Way.

  1. Make checks payable to: United Way
  2. Include a memo: Bloomington Mask Drive
  3. Mail to:
    • United Way of Monroe County
    • 431 S College Avenue
    • Bloomington, IN 47403
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Funds donated are used to ensure adequate materials are available to all mask-making volunteers and to keep mask drive running and growing day-to-day. Any funds collected in excess of these needs will be used to motivate and compensate Bloomington Mask Drive volunteers for their valuable time, effort, and material donations.

Retail value of each mask (all provided free of charge) ranges from $5-15.