Note: As of August 3, 2020 the Partners Program is at capacity and all new applications will be placed on hold until 8/31/2020. 

Bloomington Mask Drive (BMD) has made getting our free masks even easier!

Partner with us to get your own mask station, and support the community effort of 350+ volunteers that has already supplied 25,000 free masks to Bloomington & Monroe County families and organizations.

Partner Benefits:

  • One locally handmade Bloomington Mask Drive community mask station. Each station features:
    • Prominent space to feature an organization or sponsor logo
    • Standard signage (as shown)
    • Donation slot to support BMD
    • Trays to hold ~100 pre-bagged fabric face masks
    • Drop box for donated masks
  • Exclusive rights to free, prepackaged, locally handmade fabric masks from Bloomington Mask Drive volunteers (as supplies are available) to fill and refill the station regularly
  • Options for colors - choose a standard BMD Green station, or paint and decorate it yourself in any way you wish
  • Extra (free!) Masks for community programs, employees, and events as needed (subject to availability & approval)
Premier Partner: Patient PT, Customized
Premier Partner: Patient PT, Customized
Blank Station: available in standard BMD Green or decorate your own, with standard signage provided

Partner Responsibilities:

  • Ensure all masks provided by Bloomington Mask Drive are provided to users free of charge.
  • Provide a secure but publicly accessible indoor or sheltered location for the mask station to allow intended use
  • Maintain the mask station to ensure it is neat, orderly, and regularly restocked
  • Allow advertisement of the location of the mask station on and other promotional materials
  • Work with BMD volunteers ensure any masks or monetary donations collected via the mask station are turned in to Bloomington Mask Drive on a weekly/biweekly basis
  • Support BMD by spreading the word about us via social media, assisting us in the process of recruiting additional partners and volunteers, donating to support our cause, and/or volunteering to pick up mask refills and drop off donations from your station regularly to make our jobs easier

Please Note: Not all applicants to the Bloomington Mask Drive Partners & Friends program will be accepted. Priority will be assigned to applicants whom BMD deems most likely to reach key segments of the population and increase accessibility to masks for those most in need.

To apply, click the image to download our our application including all details, fill, and email to

Click to download the full application for Bloomington Mask Drive Partners & Friends
Mask Station #1: Patient PT

Premier Partner

Patient PT, a private physical therapy clinic founded by Bloomington Mask Drive Co-Founder Kelly Clark, is our Premier Partner. As such, Patient PT is host to Mask Station #1, custom-varnished to complement the existing decor by Kelly herself. Visit our Home Page to learn where to find this mask station!


Flagship Agency Partner

Area 10 Agency on Aging, a social service agency dedicated to providing resources, solutions, and connections for seniors, persons with disabilities, and family caregivers living in Monroe and Owen counties. Area 10 is soon to host Mask Station #2 (under construction) at the entrance of Endwright East Senior Center. For now, mask makers may drop off their masks in the bin just inside the gate, pictured here. Watch for more details on this new station coming soon!

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